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Welcome to Natraj Group A Group of Performing Arts

Hitesh Bariya is Founder of Natraj Group Of Performing Arts and Kanubhai Patel is Creative Managing Director who plays a different role as a choreographer, concept writer & director, dancer, writer, producer composing and directing various television dance show projects.

Natraj Group of Performing Arts working as a performing arts group since 30 years in the field of organizing and performing different kinds of Folk Dances, Traditional Dance, Western Dance Performances & Organizing Cultural Event with NGOs, State Government, and Central Government at local level, states & national level, and spread Indian culture worldwide on INTERNATIONAL PLATFORMS.

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Government, Political and NGO Events

Through their dynamic dance performances, the Natraj Group bridges the worlds of politics, governance, and non-governmental organizations, creating a unique platform for artistic expression and social change.

Funky Footwork FrenzyTown Hall(Anand)
Beat Bounce Bonanza Anand
Groove Fusion FestNavasari
Groove Fusion FestNavasari

Growing Together

Natraj Group of Performing Arts Providing Services like Culture Event, Corporate & Private Event, University's Promotion Activity, TV Advertisement, Celebrity Coordination and Management. IMPPA MUMBAI INDIA REG NO:- 22176. WE HAVE EXPERT TEAM FOR PRE WEDDING, WEDDING VIDEOSHOOT AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.CONTACT US FOR BACHELOR AND MASTERS'S IN CHOREOGRAPHY(USA,CANADA,UK,MAURITIUS)


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Natraj Group Our Services

Elevate your rhythm with Natraj Group's premier dance academy. Discover your passion as expert instructors guide you through diverse dance forms, fostering creativity and skill. Join us to step into a world where movement becomes art.

Festival Choreography, Carnival, Commemorations. Culture Events

"Our culture events are more than gatherings; they're celebrations of humanity's rich tapestry. Step into a realm of cultural richness, where you can connect, learn, and be inspired."

Wedding Choreography, Parties, Socials, Business & Tourism Event. Private Events

"From enchanting wedding choreography to unforgettable private parties, exclusive social gatherings, and business and tourism events, our services add a touch of sophistication and perfection to every occasion."

Concert Choreography, Award Ceremonies Choreography. Arts & Entertainment

"Step into a world where art comes alive and entertainment knows no bounds. Our events are your passport to a journey filled with awe-inspiring performances, visual delights, and the joy of shared experiences."

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"Unlock your potential with Natraj Group - Join our team and embark on a journey of innovation and growth!"

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